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Can we do it early? Please? Saturday is too late. I’ve got plans for Saturday, too. Once the four of us get settled in the motel room, I wan... to get down between your wife’s thighs to savor more of her luscious juices. I want to jerk on my husband’s cock while you fuck his eager ass. Get my husband good and hot and then I can bathe in his luxurious, creamy explosions. As we all know, the loads he’s capable of producing are quite copious! More than enough for two … care to join me. With skirt pulled up, the new Volunteer waited for her new lover. He was clumsy down there so she reached for the latex-coated shaft and guided it to the target. It was different than she remembered with Malcolm and didn’t last long, but it was done and she got pleasure from that. Her fingers would relive it later for her own satisfaction.Her girlfriend had requested tea talk the next day. “I know you left with that young man. Did you accomplish your mission?”Elsie told the tale to her nodding. Oh god, yes, that's so hot and wild." This must have struck a cord with David because he bucked and came in me like crazy as he moaned, "Oh, honey, yes, tell me what you want. Tell me to suck it. You want him to fuck my mouth and shoot cum in my mouth." Our climaxes lasted what seemed like an eternity. After we settled down, we noticed that the foursome had left and we were alone. We got up and left the room and went downstairs to the bar. We had a few drinks and talked with some of the others.. She then smiled and asked me if I wanted to have sex with her right now. I about fell over, what? She said it should be okay as I was eighteen and so what if we had sex. Then she walked over to me, I could smell her pussy and her tits were right in my face. She said since we both had thought about it why not go for it. She reached down and fondled my cock, her okay and stood up and we went to the bed. I dropped my boxers and climed on the bed with mom. We started to kiss and our hands.

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