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The spot was empty, just like how i predicted, so i sparked one up and smoked it out. I was now hiigh, dressed up and feeling extremely naughty. The f...eling i felt leaving the smoking spot in F-block, was something that I'd never felt before. It was such an exhilarating rush! I felt all slutty and vulnerable dressed up. I was so excited but it was matched with fear, all of which was driving my clitty insane!! I decided to make a game of it and try to pass through as many blocks as i could to. You didn't really hurt me. Well, actually, it hurt like hell, but not for long." I am so very sorry," he moaned. "I know I can never make it up to you, but..."She held up a hand. "It was a mistake, OK? Everybody makes them. We were both at fault. How about we just forget it, OK? I don't want to relive that every day for the rest of the summer. And this thing between us is affecting the kids, so we need to get over it because of that too." I don't know if I can," he said softly, brushing dirt. Two men started to walk over to the bench, it was only about 15 feet away from me and through the camera i could see the excitment on Kellys face. I carried on filming and Kelly carried on playing, the 2 guys stood and watched until a third man joined them but he didn't stand and watch, he walked staright up to my wife and grabbed at her tits, this was all the encouragement the other 2 needed, they soon joined in. Within a minute two other men had come over, My wife was surrounded by 5 complete. Greg after leaving the course headed to do some food shopping. Because of the number of shoppers there he didn’t have a chance to speak to Joan. She did give him a nice smile but that was it. He couldn’t help but give her a good look along with a smile and wished her a nice day.Finally Wednesday came which caused Greg to become excited. He became more excited when he pressed the doorbell at Joan’s condo. Her opening the door told him it was going to be a good afternoon. She had on all her.

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