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Many things need to happen before that point is reached. It could take a long time or may happen very quickly."Morning came quickly, as Rusty woke, he...felt something warm around his cock and wet rubbing his nipples. Opening his eyes he saw Sarah sitting straddling him with his cock buried deep in her vaginal sheath. Jill and Janet were kissing and licking his nipples."Oh. Goody, you're awake now," exclaimed Sarah."I would have to be dead not to feel you massaging my cock." Well it's going to. I watched my wife get changed, black sheer lingerie underneath a low cut top and knee length skirt, immediately I began thinking of her flashing guys etc and found myself hard and turned on.Hearing Dawns car, Claire gave me a kiss and told me not to stay up for her, like normal she would txt me when she was on her way home.Settling down in our lounge, my mind wandered to her sexy body, 34dd boobs, shaved pussy and size 10 figure, even at the age of 38 she looked good.I couldnt stop thinking. After a day of being afraid to transform, it felt great to just let ithappen.Once my skin started to get wrinkled, I got out of the bath, toweled off,and transformed back into myself. I felt more refreshed than I'd beensince this whole thing had started and cuddled up next to my husband onthe couch. We watched TV for a bit before going to the bed. After agentle session of lovemaking, we snuggled in for the night.Chapter 3: Day ThreeThe next morning, I woke up disoriented and realized that. It was a little harder given that Amanda was bouncing up and down on a man’s cock with her ass at the time, but they didn’t mind. Towards the end of this, the twins’ mom reached down and began stroking Amanda’s clit just as her father had done before, bringing her close to orgasm as she unwillingly fucked the twins’ dad with her ass. And as before, just as she was about to cum shamefully and copiously, the twins’ mom withdrew her stimulation and had Amanda continue her hollow fucking.

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