I paused my caresses, unbuttoned her loose overblouse and pushed it back. My hands went to the tank top she wore and began to pull it out of her jeans... ‘Please!’ She put her hand on mine. ‘Please don’t.’ Her hesitancy confused me. ‘Do you want me to stop?’ I asked. ‘No…it’s…I-I’m afraid,’ she stammered. ‘Afraid of me?’ I asked. She shook her head. ‘I-I’m too, you know, small. I’m afraid you won’t like my…my…breasts,’ she whispered. ‘I think you’re beautiful,’ I replied. ‘I know your breasts. Oh what a mess, and I started to panic, sweating and shivering, not just from running home.I let myself in and called, “Mother are you home?” there was silence, so I went to the back of the house and looked around, she didn’t appear to be in, I raced upstairs and looked in every room.I was alone; I remembered Auntie had said that Mother was going to Avery Market today.Excellent, I’m going to have time to compose myself and decide what to do next. Bathroom first, ablutions time, then I went and. I moved my hands under her ass and my fingers under the elastic band and in one quick jerk i pulled them down. .i started licking her juicy cunt .. She was moaning loudly.She started jerking her ass in upward motion in order to meet more of my tongue. I kept on licking and eating her. Now i couldn’t control any further and quickly removed my underwear Sister requested me to go slow . I smiled, didn’t bother much, but asked her to relax. With my hands i started spreading her legs farther I. I started going a lot harder and a lot faster for the next fifteen seconds and I could see her eyes tense and she bit harder, but I could tell she was enjoying it by the obvious urge on her face. I came inside her ass, and I stopped about fifteen seconds later.She then pulled the two sided dildo from her towel and finished herself off, and I just enjoyed watching for a change. She came for the second time in, ten minutes apart from each time, and then pulled her panties and tiny spandex shorts.

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