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During lunch they exchanged last names and addresses. Janet Richardson was having lunch with Perry Morgan.Perry said the name Jan Richardson rang a be...l. He asked if she was the Jan Richardson that owned Richardson Foundries and Richardson Steel Products. Jan said she was. Perry asked if her home address and apartment number were not of the pent house in the most exclusive apartments in the city. Jan smiled and replied " Guess so". Perry said " That must set you back a bundle". Jan replied ". And maybe with a pair of their panties. Okay, fine, I found them sexually attractive. Don't judge me. But their panties would be as close to their pussies as I would get. They all disliked me just as much as I disliked them. It was as if they found me to be a stain on their sisterhood or something. I was always left out when it came to them and their inside jokes. They could have their traveling pants or whatever, I just wanted to nut in each of them once or twice. That wasn't to say I was a. My sister is not perfect, she’s had two kids. But she’s very pretty, has nice C-cup boobs, and an ass that fits her body perfectly. I’m the shy fat guy and my cock isn’t all that impressive. It’s about 5” long when hard, but I’ve gotten no complaints. As I’m sitting there, my sister walks up to the table and asks “What are you reading?” I didn’t look up and replied “One of those old People magazines” So she asks “Don’t you find this more interesting?” So I look up and Sharon had pulled her. .. what if Cherry can. She's like the Goddess Bess Atwater. A living example of submission.”Alexis didn't answer. That thought echoed in his mind as he set the automated system in motion, identifying the package. It slid down the conveyor built to where drone control would snag it and take it to the correct God, Troy Bullock. The drone appeared, snagging it and carrying it off.Cancer was loaded next, heading to Sirvard Vahan.Capricorn trundled down the conveyor belt, heading to Willis.

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