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The single guy walked over to our table and asked if he could join us. He was very good looking, clean shaven and maybe in his late 30’s early 40’... so we both said yes. His name was Vic and he was in Tampa on business. Hubby and I finished our drinks and Vic offered to but us another round, we agreed. At first we exchange small talk then he asked us what we were looking for. I really didn’t know how to answer him so I just smiled. At that point Vic put his hand on my knee. I hadn’t had a man. .. my rolled-up skirt, my socks, my pussy wide open ... throwing my most seductive postures to try to excite him ...!Putting myself in the skin of my mateur, I saw my hand sliding on his dick I saw my stranger, dick in hand, masturbating, only Eric who had seen it!I went white, the stranger told me, you are a gift from heaven when he ejaculated in my hand!eric, but his hand behind my head to force me down onto his dick. I left him and found his cock in his mouth under the stranger's nose. . you know ... together again,” Donna said, “and I talked her into letting you join us. I was just going to get you.”I could have committed suicide on the spot. My dreams had been about to come true. Then I had spoiled it.Or did I? I hoped against hope that maybe I could still rescue the situation. After all I was in the room with them. And Donna was being a little shy around her friend, so maybe - just maybe - they needed someone to get the party started.“Oh, let’s do it,” I said clapping my. His fingers slowly lower the straps of my basque and run along the side of my arm, up towards my shoulders and down to touch my breasts, he cups them in his hands and his thumbs ever so lightly run over my nipples, the feeling sends waves of lust through my body as I lower his head towards them. He takes one nipple in his mouth and nibbles it for a moment before coming back up to kiss me again. I can still feel his cock bursting in his trousers,pressing against my pussy every time it twitches..

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