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Currently doing my B.Tech in central part of Tamil Nadu,Trichy in a reputed university. This is my 2nd story I am submitting here.Thank you all for am...zing response for my first story.Those who did not read my first one you can go and search ” fucked aunty in vijayawada for 10 days”.My dick is of length 6 inches & 2inch circumference.This incident has happened in November,2015.The stories I submitted/submit/will submit are all actual happened in my process of life.No fake ones..The story starts. She reached out and touched it. Her sister guided Mika`s finger into her wetness. My climax was instant. I grunted as my cock spewed forth its message, Mika`s arse tightened in response to the hot cum and her sisters whimpering sounds were far too loud for comfort. Mika quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth to finish me off as she always did. Her sister licked her wet fingers in pleasure as she watched her little sisters expertise in action. Getting down on her knees she placed. My asshole milked his dick as he grunted and groaned. I made them both cum. My body satiated them both.“Yes, yes, yes, Minako loves servicing you both!” I groaned, trying not to scream out at the top of my lungs.It was so hard.It felt so amazing.His cum filled my bowels. I could feel his jizz swimming in me. He grunted and groaned, his hands squeezing me as his orgasm surged through him. My own pleasure intensified. Waves of heat washed through my body and inundated my mind.“Damn, you are a. You’ve been flirting with a guy at work, and you’re kinda feeling giggly as you rummage through your purse for your keys. Not paying any attention to the darkness, as if in your own little world. Nearing your car you notice that a few spots down there’s a gentleman sitting in his car with his head back on the head rest. You naturally become concerned and walk toward the vehicle. You can tell it’s someone that works in your building, but don’t know his name. The only thing you do know, is that.

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