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I wonder what my reward will be?There! I can hear the belt being unbuckled and the zipper going down. Now the pants are sliding down. "Any second n...w," I think as I lick my lips in anticipation of his "spear strong" being shoved through the hole.The cloth pulled aside and through the dim light, I can see a half-hard cock being shoved towards me to service for my John. What light there was is now blocked my the pelvis and balls of my "John." I reached up to where the cock should be and. They just had to betogether.Mary also knew it was time to go back to the ordinary world. She did notmind. A piece of her heart would always be in this moment. Carryingaround something this special will make everything better. A person withhigh-spirits enjoys and appreciates the moment they are in. She kissedLuke goodbye and said, "I love you."Luke returned the "I love you." They both knew that even with themparting ways, they would still be near to each other. After all where aperson is at, is. ” her fantasy started to turn me on a little too much and i didn’t want our fun to end so soon, so i slowed down a little and then pulled out. “bend over!” soon she was on her hands and knees with her cute little ass up in the air before me. “fuck my ass!” she hissed over her shoulder. I slipped my cock into her wet pussy to get it nice and slippery then i lubed up her asshole with her own juices. I could feel the anticipation as i placed the head of my swollen cock at the tiny puckered. Thank u ra kavitha koddiga co-oparate cheyi vaaditho plss…. Ani hall loki vachanu.Na friend nenu kalisi inkoka peg beer vesi naveen ma bedroomlo attached bath undi snanam chesi fresh up ga annanu. Enduku ra ani annadu . cheputanu neevu ra ani vaadini teesukelli baathroomloki pampinchaanu . 5 minuteslo fresh ayi vachadu. Ippudu towel lo unnadu. Arey underwear kaavali annadu. Ippudu daanitho paniledu .eeroju neeku firstnight enjoy cheyi kavithatho ok na antu roomlonunchi bayataki vachi na.

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