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It’s my fault. I should have been honest about my past.” I offered another weak smile. “Okay, c’mon, let’s have lunch. I think we’ve slept...most of the day away. I think we need to carry on and pray for the best. Let's hope Steve can get to grips with this and can share in our happiness. We could all be a family. If he can’t, then decisions will have to be made. But, for now, let's enjoy what’s left of the day.”My heart was heavy, but I couldn’t let Charlie see that. She would probably leave and. The man behind me lifted my skirt and smacked my ass and I just moaned around the cock in my mouth. The one in my mouth said that feels great do it again so he smacked my ass 4 or 5 more times and I moaned louder with each smakck. He then pulled my thong down and I felt some liquid being poured on my ass and I knew I was about to get fucked from both ends. I felt him but his mushroom head at my ass hole and start to push. God it felt great. He kept pushinjg and it finally slipped in. I let out. "Carol said, "I love being fucked." I love having cocks all around and in me." I love having two cocks in me." I love wearing my gauze top." I love dancing without underwear." I love to flash my tits." I love to give men an erection." I love to suck cocks." I love to ride a cock or two." She asked, "What about homosexual contact?"I said, "I think I would enjoy it and you would probably like to have sex with a woman."Carol said, "I would like to 69 with a hot woman." "I love the look on your. Despite her predicament, indeed because of her predicament, Lori was getting wet. Fingers moved inside her, lifting her belly off the floor. Lori gave a confused groan. Should she be terrified or excited? Or both?Only ten minutes or so, and she heard the car drive onto gravel. The door opened, and she was half dragged, half bundled out, and hustled into the back of a van, where she was pushed to the floor, and the doors clanged shut behind her. “Like prison doors” she thought. No sooner was she.

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