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Nice abs, ass and cock. He asked if I would like to take a walk without my clothes on. I had to pause and digest all of this. I had never been naked...out in the open before. But, because he looked so free and beautiful, I decided to join him. Natural in nature! We walked around and found a creek to sit by. We were hot from the intense sunshine on our bare skin and slipped into the water. The sudden coolness of the water was overwhelming. We quickly got back out and lay near the creek,. I gently slid my finger towards your ass. I start sucking again when my finger finds your little hole you clinch up nervously, I stop sucking, and tell you just to relax and only tell me if I hurt you. I start sucking again, feeling you relax I reach over getting some extra lube we are going to need it. I put come on my hand then gently push my finger against your bum hole, stopping when you catch your breath. I stop my finger but not my mouth I keep sucking, then stopping, then. Mere sath bhi kuch esea hi hua. Mein kabhi nahi chahti thi ke mein apne pati ke ilawa kisi ke bare mein sochun par zindagi ko kuch aur hi manzoor hai. Vese to hum bhare poore parivar se hain lakin mere pati ki job ki vajah se hamein Gurgaon rehna padta hai. Mere pati ek badi company ke marketing department ke head hai, is vajah se unhe bohat kam karna padta hai. Vo aksar late ghar aate hai or unhe kai bar 2-3 din ke liye dusre shehron mein ya deshon mein jana padta hai.Mein khush hoon unki. I then licked his balls and his moaning increased. My tongue went up to his perineum. He was trimmed there, which was great for me to get in every nook and cranny. My cock was throbbing and I could hardly touch it for fear of cumming too soon. I was giving this guy a treat, being seduced in public on a moving train. Not only with a sexy babe, but also one who had a secret every guy fantasises about. I was showing him sensations he never knew existed with my tongue moving north to his anus. I.

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