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.but wait a minute&hellip, felt like it wasnt wanting to slide in so easily! What was going on here!? I grabbed a miniature sized flashlight off t...e night stand, pried her vagina open with my fingers, and took a look inside. To my surprise, the walls of her vagina were more enclosed! She got surgery and made her vagina tighter! Why was she doing this extreme make-over? Is she in guilt and trying to find a man to take care of us, or is she leading me on with all this!? It didnt matter that. The engineers understand it and it does work. I can attest to that, and on a cargo scrammer there are most likely no viewscreens to the outside. You’ll hardly even know we’re moving.”“Wonderful,” Fears No Darkness said. He had learned sarcasm during his stay with Gath. He returned to his task of putting on the armor. He asked no further questions.Once they were dressed and disguised, Gath picked up his transport bag that contained all of the belongings he would be taking with him. He then. She squirmed to let him have better access, and he felt the crease between her lobes, and explored into it with his fingers.She moaned as he found her puckered anus, and gently stroked at it. "I still think that might have been a bad idea." She murmured with a slight grin. "But I sure am glad I did it."He chuckled and began kissing her neck again, moving her long hair out of the way to give him access to her fair-skinned throat. He felt her hand moving down his belly and then into his trousers,. Shortly after Lady Nicole left, Penny left to try to find dittany, to ease my stomach. Alone, I bolted the door behind her. Within a few minutes, there was a rapping at the door. I assumed Penny had returned and I opened the door to find Le Gris’ man Adam Louvel standing there.“Monsieur Louvel,” I said in surprise, “what do you want? Why are you here?” I looked around behind him for Penny, but she was nowhere in sight.“Lady De Carrouges,” he began, nervously, “I would like to speak with your.

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