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I clicked off the computer and started apologizing to my mother. "I don't care that you were on here, I cared that you jacked off to your own mother!"...She shouted at me."Mom, he couldn't make you cum. Is that why you seemed so sad afterward?" She sighed and explained that she hasn't had an orgasm with a man since she met my father. She started to cry as she told me she wished she could cum. I wished there could have been something I could have done. I had sex before, and when I did I lasted. All too soon, the trumpet players drew their horns like swords and the Dayton Hillbilly Marching Band from Dayton Ridge, Texas slipped into the drum feature as snare, tenor, and bass crashed in their syncopated rhythm with the castanets clicking loudly. Then there was complete silence as Tuna Bell, stepped forward and placed her heavy-duty swivel stool on the ground, sat down and began her washboard serenade. In what seemed like only a moment, the entire twenty seven minute serenade flashed. Cindy worked her clit over, being a girl she understood the proper time place and speed. Lisa pushed her away and pulled me over. Watch him, I do her favorite, I suck the tiny clit in my lips and run my tongue over as I softly suck. She comes off the bed like the exorcist. Ass in the air giving me full access to her every part. While doing this I run my tongue in and out of her lips. She cums and cums hard. I look over and Cindy is fingering her self. Lisa looks over, watch this. She mounts. Amar opened the door. He asked me to sit.We started talking. We spoke about many things about the day, etc. I did not know if he had the talk with Megha or not, so I did not trigger the subject.After a while, he said, “The dessert is on Megha tonight because you helped her with the project.”I laughed, “Aah, it was my pleasure helping her. No worries.” I tried to be humble. “But where is she?” I asked.He stood up, got the ice cream, and said, “Megha is upstairs in the drawing room on the upper.

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