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She's wearing a simple blouse and black skirt, and I can see when she turns slightly towards me that she is several months pregnant. "This is Lisa," t...e man says suddenly, interupting my thoughts and curiosities, "one of my resident breeeding slaves... she's also a lawyer." He laughs to himself and receives the papers from her. "Since your cowardly boyfriend, if you can call him that, failed to tell you why you were coming here, I'll do you the favor of explaining all of this. My name is Xavier. Thirty tons of screaming metal slammed into the parked Grand Cherokee. A tremendous blast of noise and wind hit his face and a violent roar swept the roadside clear. The SUV and the hatchback were gone. The noise continued down the road in a cloud of dust.He turned, dazed, and was flooded with relief to see the woman and her daughter standing, faces white with shock. Urine trickled down the girl's legs.Beyond them, the rig jackknifed and the trailer split, cargo erupting like a fireless. Even as we crossed the threshold into the store I felt a shiver of excitement course through me. It was quite obvious that this place carried a huge inventory of B&D equipment and paraphernalia. If the staff was skilled and knowledgeable we could find almost everything here we had on our list. I glanced about as the woman that greeted us summoned a young man a few years older than myself over. The man’s eyes flickered over Ashley then back at me as he politly was introduced to us, ?Jeffery,. One of the founders of the firm and the only name partner still practicing, Charlie had only met the man three or four times, of which two had been short introductions by his nephew. In fact, if they passed in the hall, Charlie would’ve bet his paycheck that the senior lawyer wouldn’t have known him from the kid they usually sent out for coffee.“I was told that Mr. Harrison wanted to see me,” Charlie said as he stepped up to the desk of the partner’s personal secretary, trying hard not to show.

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