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I explained to Jason that Michael has sex with others and so do I and we are both okay with it.Jason said that if it was really okay, he really, and then he wanted to have a race to see who could finish their drink first and then before I grabbed my glass, he guzzled his and sat it down. Then he said “I won. If I can beat you, I can eat you right?” I told him I was up for it as long as I get to have his cock too. He said he felt like this was all just a dream and couldn’t believe. It’s like trying to fit a couch through a much too small door; but instead of trying to find alternate ways of maneuvering it, it’s just being pushed, and pushed, against the too small doorframe. And the doorframe begins to slowly give way, and you just know, at that moment, that if enough force is kept up, that that way too wide couch is going into that way too small door. And it does.I grab Tammy and scream into her mouth, she swallows it and I grab the sheets as Tom’s huge, couch-wide head. First i kissed her eyes and then i went to her lips . OH man wat a kiss . the kiss lasted for nearly 10 minutes .during the kissing i removed her tops and pant and she too did the same with meI said ” oh renu u really have big boobs i wanted it too much” saying so i removed her bra and started to suck her boobs . her nipples were pink in color . i sucked till her nipples became red . and then i went a little down ti her navel i circled her navel with my tongue and started to go further down i. “Thanks Dad,” I replied, “I appreciate your recognising it.”Then I thought about how it would be nice if Mum could recognise it too.“I just try to do what I think you’d do in the same circumstances,” I told him.“I don’t always manage to make the right decision,” he answered.“You did when you married Mum,” I replied.He turned his head towards me, looking quizzical.“You told me that story a while ago Dad, remember?” I asked.“Of course,” he replied, “I did, didn’t I. I wouldn’t want that to get.

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