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Yesterday was supposed to be a normal day, nothing special. I had some free time before the classes so I decided to go to the internet cafe on our met there the most beautiful girl in the whole university. She is perfect 10/10. Unfortunately I have only 1 lesson per week with her. She is 21 years old. GREAT figure! Slim, perfect ass,blonde and very cute face. Sadly she has a boyfriend Always when I saw her she was dressed rather modestly with high-waisted shirts.Yesterday she was. I hugged her back, our naked body embraced. I relished the softness and the scent of her body. We broke apart and I said I think Im ready, lets do this She grinned and lied back on her bed and spread her legs. I approached her, my dick getting hard once again after it had gone soft with our talk. I placed my cock on the opening and looked at her, she nodded. If that, I gently pushed my penis in and it was quickly greeted with a warm, hot vagina. I pushed further in, even thought my cock at that. Tim said at that time he wished he could kill every one of the back bastards.John said " And that was before you found your wife, mother and mother in law " ?Tim said it was.John asked Tim how he had felt after he found his wife and knew what they had done to her.Tim told John he had felt rage. He had felt hatred. He had felt determined to somehow find a way to even the score.Tim said he had wished that he could kill those bastards again, make them have days of pain before dying.John had. "Because If I walk away now. Which I feel like is what you want me todo. Then I am just ghosting him." I guess." She momentarily relents from her attack. "But what are yougoing to say?" I don't know. I have to go look after a sick relative in Hobart orsomething. Somewhere they don't have a football team. And when I'mAnthony I'll just disconnect my mobile. Kim's mobile I mean. And get anew one." I suppose that would work. But I hope with all my heart you don't getto become Anthony." I don't know.

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