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Then I also moved to kitchen and embraced her from back……and cupped her boobs….she told…. Yeh Rahul…. Wait …. We both served milk each oth...r….. While having milk, I kneaded her boob’s n pussy so that she didn’t go out of the mood…. And slowly I asked her that I want to fuck her pussy…. She immediately told no…. No Rahul…. Only oral…. I kept my face disappointed…. Then she told…. I feel bad seeing u disappointed. Also she told me “since u has given me much pleasure, I can allow u to ass fuck”. I. “No,” Katsu answers with a shake of her head. “Tell me what makes it better.”“This mini golf player is a catgirl,” he answers with a roguish grin.“I think we can handle that,” she says, matching his expression.Lars then has Katsu lean over the coffee table and he pulls her panties down to her knees. He flips her short skirt up over her back, putting her beautiful ass and tail, covered with charcoal colored fur on display. Grabbing a tube of lube from a box underneath the table, he applies an. This time sex was on the Balcony floor where theatre will be keeping stall. But before that they take me to ladies toilet and asked me to piss and they recorded my pissing without my face and Karim fingered my pussy while I was pissing. Karim asked me to stop pissing and made me stand then asked me to piss, when I about to piss he came below my pussy and his face was filled with my piss. With available water he washed himself and all of us started moving to access strip on Balcony. We all sat. "I'll take all of these ma'am." I said, offering to hand them to her. She threw both hands in the air and stepped back as if I was offering her toxic waste. "Don't you dare touch me with those you." "I have cash ma'am." I offered meekly with a disarming smile. "Pay for them and leave the store... immediately! Do it now. Right now!" she ordered, pointing towards the register. The stunned shoppers finally went back to their business. Humiliation is the price you pay when you.

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