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America deserved better, and I intended to see to it that we never had to repeat this particular exercise.That said, I knew Hawk would be a far better...Vice President than Ken. He already knew most of what I knew about Ken's secret agenda, and that he was the implement of his own destruction. Knowing we ferreted it all out, and were two steps ahead of him the whole time, would act as a warning to those who came after, and Hawk Dryden was no fool. He wouldn't play a game with stakes that high.So. I groaned, my eyes squeezed shut as I crept closer and closer to my pubic mound.To my pussy.Samantha groaned and gasped. Her passion echoed through the classroom. Chairs creaked around me. My fingers crossed my belly, trailing warm fire, and reached my still-damp bush. I slid through my wet curls, a heat growing the deeper and deeper I reached.“Damn,” moaned Hwan. “She’s going to finger herself.”“Look at her suck. I can just see her beneath the desk,” panted Teal.“This is making me so hard,”. A smile crept onto my face and I pulled over.As I entered, I was almost immediately met by the patron."Hello stranger", she said warmly. Her cream satin blouse was the first thing I noticed, as it hugged her ample torso. Her black satin skirt emphasised her wide womanly hips. I looked up to her face and was met with a radiant smile beaming back."Hi," I said, "long time no see. How are you?" Well, I'm fine thank-you, but I'm just about to close." she replied."I just need some milk for my tea," I. They entered the water, splashing each other and horsing around. Hesighed and dared not move. What if they noticed him? How would heexplain his nudity and the absence of male clothing for him to changeinto? What if they discovered his two pieces of lingerie? He didn'trelish the thought of returning to the dorm without even that minimalcovering. As if those concerns weren't enough, now two of the swimmerswere gliding gracefully through the water, straight for him. Jack froze.He was.

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