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It was hard to breath with is body laying on me and feeling spent after having one of the most powerful orgasm I had ever had, nonetheless, I lay ther... as he picked up speed and I felt his breath getting heavier and heavier on the back on my neck. "Alright baby, I'm going to cum deep inside of you are you ready?" Yes baby, please fill me with your cum" With that he buried himself to the hilt inside of me, a little rough because I felt a ting of pain, eliciting a groan of pleasure and pain. I. I had volunteered to work overtime during some weeks. On that particular night, I had stayed later than planned and had missed the last bus. Rather than catch a taxi, I decided to walk the half mile to my home and save some time instead of waiting. It was a few minutes after midnight and the streets were abandoned except for a few people here and there. The warm breeze on this lovely spring evening stroked my legs beneath the summer dress I was wearing. I was thinking about my car staying at. She'd just made a point of specifying when Gretchen was expected home.After spending the whole evening with the beautiful and sensuous Juanita, he was horny as hell, and he was definitely in need of some relief. But there was a little ethical battle going on in his head at the same time. Using Lulu as a convenient substitute for masturbation seemed a little sleazy.He was about to drop the whole idea and head up to his room, when Lulu took the initiative. "Errol, come sit by me?"He did as she. If I came back in after doing that one, I would have a drink and then it would be the next guy’s turn. It would go like that until I didn’t feel like walking back in or was too drunk to do so. Then it would be some other girl’s problem.”She stopped to catch her breath and I assume to try and get those memories under control. I kept rolling her nipples and it really did seem to help her.“I am so sorry, Sir. The smell of that drink just brought me back to all of those nights that I’d be too drunk.

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