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Initially she didn’t respond bcoz of fear but l8r I cud get that she was getting hot. Finally we finished lunch and went to my place. We entered in ...nd I made sure I won’t hurry very much so was just showing her my flat and all these time I was holding her hands. After the drawing room when we entered our bedroom I was talking and all of a sudden she turned back and hugged me tightly. Oh gosh the touch of her body, pressing of her boobs excited me like anything. I immediately kissed her. She. Her legs were trembling and, as Tom kissed and touched her, the trembling grew more pronounced and the her moans grew more passionate. Finally, he pulled her down on the sofa, knelt next to her and continued making love to her with his mouth and hands. If this was to be their last time, he’d make it memorable! His lips ventured into her delightful, delicious middle and, softly, he licked the soft folds of her labia, teasing her. Alison squirmed and arched her back, her hands fluttered over him.. She said "See how wet you make me. Now let's get your big cock out here for me." She then undid his pants and pulled them open so she could grab his cock and pull it out. He had nine thick inches and even at fifty eight years he could still fuck like a teenager. She loved to fuck. She developed tits at a young age and it did not take long for one of her dad's friends to poke his dick in her fuck hole. She then began fucking him every chance she got. He took cock pills and sometimes would fuck. Rooney started massaging his own cock through his jeans.“So, what you going to do about this?” Mr. Rooney crowed. “Your usual nothing?”Hugh was grunting like his life depended on it but that didn’t mask my dad’s whistle. As soon as it echoed through the gym Laurie and his mates appeared. Mr. Rooney was too slow and they had him pinned before he could react. Another brought Emma kicking and screaming into the room. Hugh lost his erection and I spat it out. “What’s going on, dad?” Hugh pleaded..

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