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Soon, I found a cum target. She was 20-years-old and 90 pounds (41kg) with a cute, cute face and dark brown hair. This model had probably drank enough...cum to fill a thermos in her short career. And I can guarantee she has been the subject of a cum tribute thousands of times. Well, what's one more load for her? Better than paper towel. I ripped the page and laid it on the floor. Then, I got on my knees. Peeking back out the window, that lovely pair of pink sweatpants were still out there,. "W-w-what?" he gasped, clearly not able to process what was happening to him. "I am yours Freddy, use me as you have fantasized all those times you checked out my legs, tits and ass. You have fantasized about me haven’t you not big boy?" I asked, taking all his cock in my mouth and then slowly pulling back until his lollipop top popped out of my mouth. "Aaaaaaah, yes, I fantasize about you all the time," he admitted. "What did you imagine?" I asked, swirling my tongue around his mushroom. I mean, I knew gay guys my age who were already sucking cock for guys who were at least twice the age of those gay boys. Plus, I was in that part of my life where I was "coming out"... And even though this wasn't exactly how I pictured starting off. I took it as an opportunity and I decided to make it count, since it was gonna be my first time sucking a man's cock. So I accepted his deal, saying, "Umm... I suppose you're right about all that... Alright mister, I'll suck your dick, so I'll also. After dinner, I paid and Sammie went to use the restroom before we got back on the road as there was no indication of how far the next restroom would be down the road and no telling how long it would take for us to get there at the speed we were driving. As I looked around the shop, all I could think about was getting Sammie home and into our bed naked. She needed to get fucked. I needed to remind her who owns her. She had to take all the cum that built up inside my balls with all of her.

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