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After they cooked and ate some food Athea informed them about her resolution about their firewood problem. Denyssa was surprised to hear that as she’t aware of a serious problem, but Roban’s nervous reaction to Athea’s announcement seemed to confirm its existence.“Actually the solution is pretty easy! To reduce our need of firewood, we have to access other resources to keep us warm. As we are three healthy young people, body heat is the obvious answer!”Athea grinned widely at the two. I reassured him that everything was fine but I could feel a headache come and was about to go to my room lay down for a bit. - That sounds like a plan little one. We want you to make yourself at home here OK? Want someone to let you know when lunch is ready?- Sure, that sounds fine thanks. I ran up to my room, lay down on the bed and thought about everything that just happened. Was this real? A week ago I was still playing with dolls and now all I wanted was to rub my clit? Again, I was horny.. Ankhen band ho gayi lekin mere kaan puch puch ki awaz sun rahe thay.Maine apna muh dusri taraf kar liya kion ki main nahin chahta tha ki unko pata chale ki main dekh raha hoon.” Didi, ab bas karo, varna meri pichkari tere muh mein pad jaye gi. Mujhe bahut utejna ho rahi hai tujhe nagan roop mein dekh kar. Aur fir tu chusti bhi bahut mazedar tarike se hai. Ab hum palang par chalte hain aur main tujhe apne lund ka asali kaam dikhata hoon. Sach jano, didi aapke chutad bahut mazedar hain. Apka bhai. Only to be interrupted by Mummy saying "I'm sure Denise would like toget changed out of her work clothes and you my girl can help get dinnerready, you can tell her the rest while Denise and I have dinner?" What about me won't I be eating with you?" I had to know or will it bemy last more girly food."I thought you would be to busy talking to eat," she had the audacity tosay.As Denise was leaving I had to call her back, "You can kiss my cheekalso if you wish?" No it is ok I wouldn't like to.

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