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Then, she bent the toy in half and pushed the free end against the redhead's wrinkled asshole. Harmony grunted and contracted her muscles, making her ...osebud bloom out. Auri watched the smaller woman's wrinkled skin smooth out, as her ass gobbled the toy down. "Dear, Goddess! Your ass passage is open so wide! I can feel my cunny getting slick again," Auri mumbled. Harmony couldn't say a word. She was so full; the pressure was amazing. Auri would push it in her pussy, and then in her ass;. Being a logical man, he chose the later. His head descended slowly until his lips brushed lightly against hers. It was not technically their first kiss, they had often hugged and kissed lightly in greeting or parting. But it was the first kiss they shared with deeper meaning. He would have sworn that he actually heard his friend moan a moment before her lips parted just enough for him to slip his tongue inside and taste her sweetness completely. The shocked feeling that almost brought him to. Alone and no-one to notice me missing for an evening...if I was going to play out a fantasy this was the opportunity.For years I had been intrigued by the thought of watching other couples playing and fucking and the thought of watching strangers in a car park was at the top of my 'bucket list'.I had always been intrigued by a car park that is set back from the main road in the Bucks countryside, surrounded by woodland. About 10 years previously I had pulled up there for a lunchtime snooze ( i. Sorry. Yes I was a little." Oh... Well I hope they were nice one's."The woman looked into the sincere green eyes and a slow smile spread across her glazed features."Oh yes Mary... Very nice one's. Let's go back to my house by taxi... it'll be quicker that way."It was a quick journey, the morning traffic had melted away and they made it back to the small village where she lived in less than ten minutes. Personal space doesn't exist for children, so the fact that Jody was sitting so close to her.

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