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April - September are the hottest months and October - March is cooler, so it's better to travel during the cooler months. The people speak and unders...and English in the hotels and restaurants but don't expect them to understand English if you are entering a Bazar or approach a street hawker. The four most common words I use are "kamon acho" - how are you, "koto damme" - how much is it,"balo achi" - I'm fine and lastly "cholow" - let's go. I will share with you guys an experience of mine, just. I sat on on a stack of skids, mopping my brow with the tail of my t-shirt. “How fast are you running that machine, girl?”“As fast as I need to if we're going to get done. Too much for you, old man?” She sat next to me and flashed me a smile of beautiful white teeth and laughing eyes. “How long until lunch?”“About an hour.” Damn, even sweaty, she smelled wonderful.A tow-motor arrived with another pallet of magazines still stinking of ink. We got to work again.Fred joined us for lunch. She put her fingers inside me and licked me faster as Liu fucked my face. I lifted my head up as I was close to cumming and he took his dick out of my mouth. He rubbed my breasts as he watched Mel. “Suck that clit Mel, suck it!” he said repeatedly as he kissed me. “Fuck can she eat pussy?!” he said. “Liu, I’m gonna cum baby!” “Go ahead, cum for us, cum for us, Kait!” I actually stopped breathing for a few seconds and let out a long, drawn out moan. “OOOH GODDDDDD!!” I exclaimed as I came hard. ”“Okay.“Have you chosen a color scheme yet?” I asked. Catherine had been testing and playing with color schemes for weeks.“White with Blue lettering and striping. How far have you gotten on the propulsion?”“I am finishing the containment unit right now. The circuit boards are still in the wash cycle and need a week. The power generator is next.”“Do you still think you will have it done before Christmas break?” she asked a bit concerned about the timing.“We will be cutting it close.”“Just don’t.

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