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You see its usually me that has my tounge up some young studs asshole not the other way around. any way he pulled my cheeks apart so he could get acce...s to me better and my straining boner poped out the side of my panties. it bobbed around touching the bed and i swear i almost blew right then . i was determined for this to last a while so i held off by grabbing my own balls tightly and squeezing. all i would have needed to do though was let go and i would have pumped a load that ive been saving. I looked up at her and had to make a conscious decision not to stare at her amazing breasts, I looked at her straight in the eye and said, “Hi I’m Alan, nice to meet you”. At that point I think my brain turned to mush. I was staring into her beautiful brown eyes and I couldn’t think of anything further to say, even if my life depended on it. With that Samantha, who was standing beside her facing the other way, bent over to lay out her towel giving me the most amazing view of her shapely ass,. I asked her do you want a condom or you want me to come inside you, she laughed and said that it was her safe time. I asked her what about her mother, she said Mother has gone to relative’s house and will come only late evening. My huge penis was fascinating to her, she grabbed it, licked it and liked the taste and immediately started slurping like ice-cream really enjoying herself. I slowly made her to sit on the penis, there was some difficulty as her cunt was very tight and there was. He was being modest about his experience. This guy knew how to suck a cock. He took more of me in and starting deep throating me, his lips sliding up and down my erect cock. I moved my hips, thrusting in to meet him. The familiar tension started to build until, finally, it burst through. I closed my eyes and moaned out something inarticulate as my cock spasmed, pumping cum into Tony’s waiting throat. He took swallowed my load, then crawled up and lay alongside me on the bed, our bodies just.

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