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Our naked bodies crashed together in a embrace. We kissed...lightly at first but as we got turned on by our cocks rubbing together they became deeper,...longer and wetter. Our tongues flicked together as our hands discovered each other's body. We sucked on each other's tongue as our asses became our playthings. "Was I over my head now?" I said to myself. I looked down and saw our two cocks together my mind answered that real quickly. I wanted a experience!As I dropped to my knees and took his. I turned around and Tom had his pants down and his cock was hard. I smiled and got on my knees. This time I started trying to enjoy and get more out this part of the experience. He simply moaned and hunched my mouth. A little over five minutes later he was cumming. This time his cum was a little thinner but he still pumped it out. I milked his cock one or two times more before I let go. When he got up to leave he told me that he wanted to make this at least once a week for as long as we. I thought I should do some job hunting and luckily I got the job. They trusted me and I was supposed to join immediately. I went next morning to the office with a body tight shirt and ankle length arrow cut pant.On the first day, we had an induction program which would last for the next 3 days. So we everyone had to introduce themselves. As everyone was introducing there was a girl who was sitting alone in the corner. She was wearing a white top with colorful flowers embroidered on it and tight. ????They both were Punjabis to the core and very up-society ladies. They had deep pockets. In fact, Pixel got divorced Sasha’s dad a couple of years back and she got tons of money from him.Pixel also inherited a hell lot of money from her dad and stayed in his huge ass estate. She used to live alone and Sasha spent half her time with Pixel and the other half with her dad. They both were simply dead-drop gorgeous and they were every man’s fantasy.The first time I met Sasha was when we were in.

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