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They were naked on her bed with her legs wrapped around Bob while he pounded her puss with his big fat porker. She had seen me starkers and hard, but ... hadn't seen her naked and she was quite lovely. About five feet six inches, tall for an Asian woman, very thin with small but round breasts, a cute butt, and some longish straight black hair on her fuck place. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Back in the living room, Phil asked if I thought we were all going to get a turn. "I hope so," I told. I’m only about 6 inches erect, so deep-throating me was no problem for him. He seemed to love it. “God, I love your cock!” he said, as he came up for air, “All that pre-cum!” And he did love it, that was clear. Some men don’t and sometimes it embarrasses me but tonight it couldn’t have been better and, although I had not had a second orgasm on a date in a very long time, I began to feel that it was going to happen this time. Indeed, it was going to happen right now! Oh God! I ached from. Today her eyes were anxiously waiting for him as he had promised to take her out. Since a few years Malhotra was so busy in his business that he had practically neglected his wife. His main aim was to make money and he was so successful in it, that he multiplied his financial resources day by day and this kept him away from his wife and their only son Rahul. Rahul, who had just completed 18 years, was a brilliant student. He was the reason for Shobha to be content with life as her husband had. Mai dekha ki uski chut gili ho gayi thi.mai usko tange ko failake uski chut par apna muh tika diya aur chatna suru kia. Usne aur zor zor se shikiya chodne lagi aur mere shark o apni chut pe dabane lagi.uski clit ko mai apni tonge se lick kia aur woh jaise gand utha utha k sath dene lagi.Thodi der baad woh ahhhhhhhhh bolke shant ho gayi aur usne bahat sara pani chod di.mai pura pani pi gaya aur uski chut se gand tak chatne laga. Uski godi chut, godi gand chat ne mein mujhe bahut maza araha tha..

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