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”I have never had a French lover. The French are renowned lovers, the thought of two French bisexual couples in their thirties, perhaps kinky lovers... had me intrigued so I readily agreed. And they are younger than me, something that appeals to the the cougar in me.Little did I realise at that stage just how kinky they were. And that I would be able to double my prepaid fee, then receive a very generous tip on top of that.When I arrived at their well known international hotel at two in the. Though it may sound bad of me to say this, Roberto was not what I would have called a 'good looking' sort of guy; but, in spite of that (or maybe even because of it), I didn't really care about his looks; or not that much at any rate! He and I were there for one thing, and one thing only: sex! Period. Nothing more, and nothing less.At first we sat in his living room chatting some more (mainly just small talk), but then he asked me if I'd like for him to suck my cock; and without a word, I stood. "You still have your hymen," I asked."Yes," she moaned."It's going to hurt when I fuck you," I said."I can't wait," she moaned. She was squeezing her nipples as I licked and fingered her. I played with her more, until she screamed in ecstasy and came. I moved up her body and took her hands off her breasts as I replaced them with my lips.I moved up to her face and tried kissing her gently, though she practically attacked my mouth. I grabbed her hands and held them over her head. "Calm down," I. “Pilatus November zero seven tango sierra, you’re landing Reykjavik?”“Seven tango sierra, affirmative.”And fifteen minutes later, our wheels touch down and we’re taxiing to Birk Flight Services.This one’s easy; what we want to do is what these people do and they do it well. We’re cleared through customs without being treated like acolytes of the Mad Mullah of Abbottabad, they treat my new toy like, well, my new toy. She’s tied down, refueled, checked out so that in the morning we’ll have a.

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