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“My God I think she wants more” he thought to himself “perhaps she is trying to kill me”. “Do you like my nighty” Millie queried. “Yes�... he replied. She gave a wicked grin “it really comes off easily” she said “when you are ready”. He would go around once more before they fell asleep that night. It had been years since they had racked up three sessions in one night. All weekend was the same. Millie seemed to be constantly on heat and Barry found himself struggling to keep up with her. Their love. I rolled over and saw my grand daughter, sleeping comfortably. What an angelic girl she was; happy, smart, beautiful and now a woman. I felt a sense of pride knowing that it was I who had made her a woman and it was I who would be forever grateful.It took me about a half hour to connect the tow bar to the Jeep, breakdown the campsite and secure the coach for highway travel. The last thing I did was to retract the bedroom slide out and that brought Kristy out of her slumber. But she soon. It is my place to make sure that you are happy and satisfied in every way. That is what a king deserves, isn't it?”“First I am no king, I am your father.”“You became more than my father the second I put your cock in my mouth,” she smiled and took a bite of her bacon.She had me on that, and I had to confess I liked the attention. I was not sure where she had learned such behavior, because her mother had never acted that way. I decided not to complain or even mention it again. If it made her. I had to attend a client meeting and had time to travel by train.I too the Dakshin Express which used to start late in the night and take it’s own time to reach Delhi, booked First Class ticket as I not many people preferred it.It was raining heavy that evening. While entering the station, I did come across a beautiful lady walking towards the station who was looking amazing in her saree and open back blouse, she was also almost wet which made her look more sexy and sensuous (nice firm butts),.

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