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Student WarfareThis doesn’t go down well with the students. So by the end of his third week at the school open warfare is declared between the stude...ts and the Principal. It also promises to be a war with no quarter and no gloves on. Mr Whitty thinks he has the upper hand because he runs the school and controls its resources. The students are very ready to accept the advantages he has, but they know they’re morally in the right so they think hard on how to conduct the war to their. For the first time i was dressing and going to be stepping into a room with another person in it. I had my black nightie, I slipped my mesh black thong over my penis which was already getting a little tingly from my happy ending. I then rolled up my black thigh high stockings on my legs then slipped on my black pumps. Took one look in the mirror and said to my self "whet the hell"! I stepped out of the bath ronin and presented myself to Chris and waited. To my surprise he asked me to sit next. He threw one at the crystal. The axe hit it and turned into more smoke, which blew into his face. Angrily, he threw the other axe at the door. The axe got halfway to the door before turning into smoke."Let me try now." Turning his face away, Dupre rammed his body hard against the door. The door didn't budge."We may not need the key," said Tansfora. She got a small wooden box out of her pocket, opened it, took out a tarnished brass stick with a keylike handle, and slipped it into the keyhole. It. Angie was pissed and she threatened to kick me out. I begged for her mercy. "Please, just give me another chance. I screwed up, I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again, I'll do anything you ask. Please."It wasn't until I admitted that I needed help, that I couldn't stop drinking on my own, that she accepted my plea. "But, I'm warning you," she said, "if this happens again I'm going to spank your ass!"I wasn't entirely sure how serious that threat was at the time, but I was afraid.

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