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It wasn't that I was lusting after her body, I was worried and wanted her close until she was truly awake the next morning. I left the bed only to ma...e one quick telephone call and once to reset the alarm to the front door. I think I finally fell asleep around four in the morning.I woke suddenly with sunlight streaming in my eyes. The bed was empty except for me. I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and an old shirt and almost ran downstairs, fearing the worst. Missy was standing in the. "I don't have to stand for this bullshit!" Before the words were out of her mouth, Clare had picked up the phone. "Hello? Fattelite? Clare Porcine. I'd like to speak with the recruitment manager, Darren, isn't it...?" "Wait!" Kim gave in to panic. "Okay! I'll do whatever you want. Don't ruin my career, please!" Clare put the phone back in its cradle, just as it occurred to Kim that there may not have been anyone on the line at all. It didn't matter, she knew Clare would go through with her. It took no time at all for me to have a hard-on that would easily smash furniture, but I had to keep that secret lest she sense it or see that I couldn’t move around much. God forbid if she found out. The potential shame of her knowing that I got erect was frightening. This went on every night we got together, which were Friday and Saturday nights all summer. Fridays, they would have me there for dinner, and then leave us alone in the house to make tongue sucking and kissing marathons. I think. It made me feel naughty and slutty. I took off my dark blue dress, but left on my matching lingerie and heels. When I went back to the bedroom, they had music playing. I went right to Liam and kissed him. He smiled and then handed me a shot of Redbush whiskey. I tossed it back. It burned my throat and I could feel its effects immediately. I held my shot glass out to Liam. “Another, please, darling…”. He filled my glass and I drank it down.Liam started recording our session with his camera by.

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